copy-links-from-users - get link files for use by link-controller


copy-links-from-users [options] username.. destfile


This program is designed to check through all of the user's directories and get lists of links which can then used to build a central link database using extract-links




This program has not been audited at all for security yet and isn't safe to run as root. In the long term, the aim is that this should be safe to run as root. However, even so, you should not do that!!! It will work better if run as a normal user.


the default-install manpage

the verify-link-control manpage; the extract-links manpage; the build-schedule manpage the link-report manpage; the fix-link manpage; the link-report.cgi manpage; the fix-link.cgi manpage the suggest manpage; the link-report.cgi manpage; the configure-link-control manpage

The LinkController manual in the distribution in HTML, info, or postscript formats, included in the distribution. - the LinkController homepage.