Manual Pages for utilities

build-schedule - build a schedule for link checking.

check-page - check the links in a single HTML page and report problems

configure-link-cgi - configure a CGI that reports on or repairs links.

configure-link-control - setup configuration files for LinkController

copy-links-from-users - get link files for use by link-controller

copy-list - copy a list of links from one database to another

default-install - Configure LinkController to run in a basic way.

extract-links - build links database

fix-link.cgi - allow a user to repair databases

fix-link - identify files affected by a link change and fix them

link-report.cgi - provide an interface for querying the database of links

link-report - report status of links using databases

suggest - suggest alternatives to a link

test-link - test links and update the link database

verify-link-control - check that linkcontroller setup is correct