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1. Getting Started

This section of the manual assumes that the programs that make up LinkController are already installed and working on your computer. If not, then See section 7.1 Setting up LinkController. We assume the standard setup where your system administrator runs the link checking for you. Other setups will need slightly different behaviour. Speak to the person who set up link controller.

The first thing to do is to run configure-link-control to configure the system. This will ask a series of questions about your configuration and create a configuration file which will be used by the various programs which make up LinkController.

Next you have to work out which links you are interested in. Do this by extracting the links from your web pages (see section 4.1 Extracting Links). The output file from this with the list of links found will be stored in the location you gave during configuration.

Assuming that you have the default install, your links will be automatically copied and checked over time following that.

After a short time (about a day) you will begin to get information about links which didn't work with link-report --not-perfect. After some more time (a week or so) you can use link-report to find out which links are really broken.

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