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Using LinkController

This document describes LinkController a system for checking and maintaining links in infostructures

This document applies to version 0.033 of LinkController

Manual Revision Code: $Revision: 1.22 $

Introduction  What LinkController is about.
1. Getting Started  How to get LinkController running.
2. Configuration  Setting up LinkController to check links
3. Advanced Configuration  Optimising configuration; advanced features
4. Using LinkController to Check Links  Checking and repairing web pages.
5. Interfacing to other programs  Importing and exporting link information.
6. The Emacs Interface  The Emacs interface.
7. Administration  Administrating a LinkController installation.
A. Robots and Sensible Behaviour  General statements about how to use robots.
B. Uncheckable Links  Links LinkController can't or won't check.
C. Absolute and Relative URIs  Explanation of how relative URIs are handled.
D. Bugs and bug reporting  What to do if you find a bug.
E. History  How this came about and who helped.
F. Invoking the LinkController Programs  How to run the programs in LinkController.
G. Packages Which Work With LinkController  Packages used by or useful with LinkController.
H. Terms  Glossary of terms used in this documentation.
Program, Variable and File Name Index  Index of Program and Variable names
Concept Index  Index of Concepts.

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2.1 Interactive Configuration  An easy way to get a basic configuration.
2.2 Setting Configuration Variables  How to set variables.
2.3 LinkController Configuration Variables  LinkController's main configuration variables.
2.4 Configuring Infostructures  Defining which pages to check.

Advanced Configuration

3.1 Advanced Infostructure Configuration  Advanced control of checking
3.2 Authorisation Configuration  Checking pages which require basic authentication.
3.3 Configuring CGI Programs  Setting up LinkController's web interface

Using LinkController to Check Links

4.1 Extracting Links  Getting link information from WWW pages.
4.2 Testing Links  How to run the link testing program.
4.3 Reporting Problems  Getting information the state of your links.
4.4 Email Reporting of Newly Broken Links  Automatic reporting of newly broken links.
4.5 Examining Individual Files  Checking individual HTML files.
4.6 Repairing Links  Replacing old URLs with new ones.
4.7 Making Suggestions  Making suggestions for other users.
4.8 CGI Interface  The LinkController web interface (primitive).

Reporting Problems

4.4 Email Reporting of Newly Broken Links  Automatic notification of broken links.

The Emacs Interface

6.1 Finding Files with Broken Links  An Emacs program to display broken links.
6.2 Finding Broken Links in Files Within Emacs  Finding broken links in a file.


7.1 Setting up LinkController  How to get the system installed
7.2 Default Installation  A simple multi-user installation
7.3 User Administration  Adding and removing users
7.4 Cron Scripts  Running programs automatically
7.5 Link Database Maintenance  Dealing with database problems
7.6 Link Ageing  Clearing outdated data from the databases.


E.1 Acknowledgements  People and or institutions who helped


Esoterica Internet Portugal  
IPPT PAN Poland  
The Tardis Project  
Other Free Software Authors  

Invoking the LinkController Programs

F.1 Invoking link-report  link-report usage summary
F.2 Invoking test-link  test-link usage summary
F.3 Invoking extract-links  extract-links usage summary
F.4 Invoking fix-link  fix-link usage summary
F.5 Invoking check-page  check-page usage summary
F.6 Invoking build-schedule  build-schedule usage summary

Packages Which Work With LinkController

G.1 The CDB utilities  Utilities for the LinkController indexes.
G.2 The Tie-Transact-Hash Perl Module and Programmes  Berkeley DB editing tools.


H.1 Infostructure  Groups of resources.
H.2 Link  A connection between two resources.
H.3 Resource  The information on the World Wide Web.
H.4 URIs  A type of link including URLs
H.5 URLs  The connections in the World Wide Web.
H.6 URIs  Names for resources without location.

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