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G. Packages Which Work With LinkController

LinkController uses several programs and can work with several others. This section covers the most important ones.

G.1 The CDB utilities  Utilities for the LinkController indexes.
G.2 The Tie-Transact-Hash Perl Module and Programmes  Berkeley DB editing tools.

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G.1 The CDB utilities

In order to have LinkController working you must have installed these. It is worth looking at the utilities that are provided, especially cdbdump which will let you look at the contents of the file. You should be aware that cdbget program which is provided won't be able to get at the full contents of the index files since they contain repeated keys.

More information on cdb and new releases can be got from the www page.


When using link controller you are advised to use FreeCDB which, because of its better license terms, has the extra guarantee that it will be possible for anybody to distribute fixed versions and provide support for them.


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G.2 The Tie-Transact-Hash Perl Module and Programmes

This is a Perl module written by myself which includes a program which allows direct examination and editing of Berkeley databases. It can be useful for debugging and correcting problems in the LinkController Link database or schedule file.

Tie::TransactHash can be downloaded from CPAN, the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network get there via:


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