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Concept Index

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Index Entry Section

acknowledgementsE.1 Acknowledgements
administration7. Administration
authentication4.8 CGI Interface
authentication, basic3.2 Authorisation Configuration
authorisation3.2 Authorisation Configuration
automatic notification4.4 Email Reporting of Newly Broken Links
automatic testing7.4 Cron Scripts

bandwidth usgaeA. Robots and Sensible Behaviour
basic authentication3.2 Authorisation Configuration
broken links, automatic reporting4.4 Email Reporting of Newly Broken Links
broken links, finding4.3 Reporting Problems
broken links, finding in Emacs6.1 Finding Files with Broken Links
bugs, reportingD. Bugs and bug reporting

cdb filesG.1 The CDB utilities
CGI interface4.8 CGI Interface
CGI, configuration3.3 Configuring CGI Programs
checking individual pages4.5 Examining Individual Files
command line optionsF. Invoking the LinkController Programs
configuration2.2 Setting Configuration Variables
configuration variables2.3 LinkController Configuration Variables
configuration, infostructure2.4 Configuring Infostructures
configuration, installation7.1 Setting up LinkController
configuration, interactive2.1 Interactive Configuration
cron scripts for multi user use7.4 Cron Scripts
crontab, example4.2 Testing Links

dangersA. Robots and Sensible Behaviour
database cleaning, automatic7.6 Link Ageing
database format, cdbG.1 The CDB utilities
database, editingG.2 The Tie-Transact-Hash Perl Module and Programmes

editing the links databaseG.2 The Tie-Transact-Hash Perl Module and Programmes
Emacs interface6. The Emacs Interface
exporting test results to other programs5. Interfacing to other programs
extracting links4. Using LinkController to Check Links
extracting links4.1 Extracting Links

file, individual, checking4.5 Examining Individual Files
filtering links3.1 Advanced Infostructure Configuration

history MOMspiderE. History

importing links from other programs5. Interfacing to other programs
infostructureH.1 Infostructure
infostructure, advanced configuration3.1 Advanced Infostructure Configuration
installation7.1 Setting up LinkController
installation, basic multi user7.2 Default Installation
interface, CGI4.8 CGI Interface
interface, Emacs6. The Emacs Interface
Interfaces to other programs5. Interfacing to other programs
invoking build-scheduleF.6 Invoking build-schedule
invoking check-pageF.5 Invoking check-page
invoking extract-linksF.3 Invoking extract-links
invoking fix-linkF.4 Invoking fix-link
invoking link-reportF.1 Invoking link-report
invoking test-linkF.2 Invoking test-link

link ageing7.6 Link Ageing
link, definitionH.2 Link
link, uncheckableB. Uncheckable Links
links, examining4.3 Reporting Problems
links, examining, in Emacs6.1 Finding Files with Broken Links
links, extracting4. Using LinkController to Check Links
links, extracting4.1 Extracting Links
links, repairing4.6 Repairing Links

mailto, can't be checkedB. Uncheckable Links

news, can't be checkedB. Uncheckable Links

page, checking4.5 Examining Individual Files

regular expression, exclude3.1 Advanced Infostructure Configuration
regular expression, include3.1 Advanced Infostructure Configuration
repairing links4.6 Repairing Links
reporting bugsD. Bugs and bug reporting
reports4.3 Reporting Problems
resourceH.3 Resource
robotsA. Robots and Sensible Behaviour

security, risks of authentication3.2 Authorisation Configuration
setting variables2.2 Setting Configuration Variables
suggestions4.7 Making Suggestions

uncheckable linksB. Uncheckable Links
URI, definitionH.4 URIs
URI, relation to URLH.4 URIs
URL, definitionH.5 URLs
URL, relation to URIH.4 URIs
URN, definitionH.6 URIs
URN, relation to URIH.6 URIs
URN, relation to URLH.6 URIs
usage of programsF. Invoking the LinkController Programs

variables, configuration2.3 LinkController Configuration Variables
variables, setting2.2 Setting Configuration Variables
variables, setting interactively2.1 Interactive Configuration

web pages, groups ofH.1 Infostructure

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