Michael David De La Rue

I came up with the idea of the Scottish Climbing Archive. At the time it was one of the first web pages about climbing and allowed us to do some pretty interesting experiments (including an ice climbing information system which has only just started to be improved on in my opinion). Life changed. Junkmail arrived in my inbox. I moved to Poland and lost touch with the internet. I have never given up climbing, even when I do it rarely however. Ski-mountaineering is probably my favorite thing now.

[Picture of Michael in front of the Matterhorn]

[ScaryMichaelGif] Despite looking like a criminal (somewhat more than 50% of people who comment on this photo agree that I do), I am in fact relatively safe.

For some time I claimed that contact to me could be through email, but this didn't work. Now you can try again

tel: +48 601 270 538

I answer email slowly. Phone is the best way to get to me.