Scotclimb Help

Welcome to the climbing help page. If you have never ever ever used the web before you might want to see the help for your web reading software. It should be pretty obvious how to read it. You might then want to find out more about the web.

Assuming that you are experienced and know what you are doing, what you want is some local explanation. This website is very loosely structured into rock-climbing and hillwalking. As the site has grown is a strange oganic way there have been databases bolted on to standard html based pages making it slightly more confusing...

  1. The index page provides some narrative and what we hope are useful links to other content within the archive. This should enable you to browse through the content.
  2. The sidebar (right hand side) has a "jump to" menu and a "search" box from which you can skip to other sections or do a search.
    Underneath this should (hopefully) be a categorised list of realted links depending on which page you are reading. The idea is that if you are looking at a safety related page - all the other pages will be listed underneath.
  3. The munro & corbett database is just that... a database table with the vital statistics of each and every Munro and Corbett. You can submit additional info via an online form if you wish.
  4. The routes and areainfo database serves two purposes.
    1. it stores info about crags and what routes there are as well as route descriptions.
    2. It stores information about the geographic location of the crag and nearby towns/cities.
    The database is fully updateable so you can add your own city or local crag. Having the geographical info lets us marry up photographs, articles and crags (we hope).

  5. The hillwalking section probably has the most articles in it. This also covers mountaineering routes and stuff although these differences will be highlighted on each page.
  6. The Shops database lets you add details of your local climbing shops or do a search. It isn't that up to date any more, sadly.
  7. The Book review section umm... reviews books, as and when I read them and can be bothered. You are more than welcome to submit reviews using the Add Book form.

We are working towards the Web Accessability Guidelines to the site uses ACCESS KEYS. Click Alt+key were key is from the list below and you can jump to the relevant page if your browser supports this feature.

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