Safety in the Mountains and on the Crag

This section of the archive is likely to be mostly a collection of links to other sites but we will endeavour to have our own stuff here too. As with all pages in the archive you are advised to read our disclaimer as we cannot take any responsibility for the content of these articles, nor are we medically qualified. As always you need to remember that climbing is a risk sport!

Mountain Rescue

We have a page giving a brief summary of Mountain Rescue services in Scotland.

Articles and Links

If you would like to submit an article or suggest a link, please do! The BMC have a good selection of safety and training articles.

To begin with we are reproducing some leaflets that were produced by Ian Roy for Boots Across Scotland - these were mostly only available as photocopied leaflets but with permission from Boots we are please to offer them here.

Safety / First Aid on the Hill Leaflets, © Ian Roy 1990-2002.

Thanks to Boots Across Scotland

Consideration, Conservation, Camping and Crapping

Here are some other interesting articles, related to Health & Safety on the hills.