Mountain Rescue

Mountain Rescue in Scotland is carried out on a voluntary basis by members of the various mountain rescue teams. Each of the teams is based in a particular area, and has, in principle a specific area within which it is available to help. In practice the teams cooperate considerably and these boundaries are very flexible.

The teams do not only carry out the rescue of mountaineers. Their work is probably better described as "rescue where mountaineering skills are useful". Examples of this would include rescuing motorists stranded in snow or more recently searching for pilots of "downed aircraft" in the mountains.

I've written a new page which briefly discusses their underfunding, what we can do to help, and why you might care.


In all cases of emergency the Mountain Rescue Team should be called out through the police, using the normal emergency call out number, 999 or 112, and not directly to members of the team.

The Mountain Rescue Committee of Scotland is the charity coordinating Mountain Rescue services in Scotland. They are probably the best place for first contact for administrative matters. However "all rescue teams are autonomous regarding fund-raising, there is no national scheme and the teams themselves wish it to be kept this way"*. The secretary can provide further information and can be contacted as

Mountain Rescue Committee of Scotland
12 Hazel Avenue
Dundee DD2 1QT
tel:- 01382 668193

Local Teams

We've also got an old picture of the locations of the team bases. It doesn't tell which team is which, but gives some indication of the density of cover. This may or may not be useful.

* from MRCofS information sheet