Scottish Climbing Archive
Policy Statements

The following brief paragraphs describe our policies regarding copyright, advertising and submissions. We reserve the right to change these policies at any time.

Copyright Policy

Documents in the Scottish Climbing archive are copyright to Michael De La Rue & Mark Anderson unless mentioned otherwise. They may be used within other WWW sites which are provided on any basis, provided that the resulting page conforms to this policy. That is to say, the page containing this material may also be used on any basis on other pages. This must be made clear in the copyright of the page. Parts of the pages may also be used for reviews of these pages, and of the Web in general. Most other uses will normally be allowed, but we should be contacted first.

Obviously linking to any point within these pages is allowed. If a link is provided to a place other than the Welcome page, then it would be appreciated if a link was also made to a Welcome page nearby.

Advert Policy

Our advertising policy is essentially identical to the Climbing Archive's Advertising policy. We do not accept any information for commercial gain, but we will provide appropriate links to any climbing organisation which requests them, including commercial entities. We support the idea of buy things over the internet but we don't want to put adverts in our readers faces.

Submissions Policy

The Scottish climbing archive is very deliberately targeted quite narrowly at Rock Climbing, Mountaineering and Hillwalking activities mostly, but not exclusively, related to Scotland. We will accept submissions that are related to those aims in almost any case. In the normal case this.

Please see our submissions section

Donations Policy

This section is likely to change soon.

We have definite costs involved in running this site. We give our time entirely for free and for no benefit other than ego. We are very greatful for donations to cover these costs. If you like these pages or have got something useful from them, you could consider sending a donation.

Any donation greater than £10 (UK Pounds) will, if requested, recieve an automatic link from our sponsors page. The link will be added at the top of the sponsors page and will remain as long as practical.

The donor must accept that their donation will under no circumstances influence our opinons or give them any rights over the contents of these pages. Donors, of course, keep the right to contribute to the SCA under our existing submissions policy.

We do not (at present) accept donations over £100 in a year. If you want to give this much money to climbing, we suggest giving it to the Scottish Mountain Rescue Teams.

Furthermore, in the extremely unlikely we had surplus money over the costs of running the archive for a whole year into the future, we would then donate all of the surplus to the Scottish Mountain Rescue Teams.

This policy is subject to change at any time. The use of your money will be in accordance with the policy at the time of donation.