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Hillwalking in Torridon

Bienn Damph Area

There is good, though very remote, accomodation for groups in the old boat house, which is situated down the track no the East Shore of Loch Damph. There is no electricity, however, so the only lighting is gas. The boat house is very cheap out of the shooting/fishing seasons.

Alas, it's a long way from the pub, though the view down Loch Damph to Applecross is amazing! [Click here for a contact address...]

From here you can also walk out of the back door and up Beinn Damph, or along the lochand to the left to get around to the direction of Ruad Stac Mhor (etc) and eventually all the way to Fuar Tholl and civilisation (?) at Achnasheen! (There is a PUB there!) A fantastic expedition in winter, taking in some of the classic ice-climbs on the way (esp in the North Corrie of Fuar Tholl) though you'd certainly need a few days to spare!

Ben Brockway


On the North side of Glen Torridon lies the ridge of Liathach, which is a chain of seven tops streaching for 8km from East to West. The ridge offers superb and occasionally exposed walking/scrambling in both summer and winter (Grade II), normally being tackled from East - West and starting from the National Trust Car Park. (ref 958 568) The traverse usually finishes at Mullach an Rathain, but most people tend to continue for 2km and drop down on the steep footpath to the village and Youth Hostel.

In winter, this ridge is an ice-climbers heaven (if it gets cold!) with hundreds of ice falls forming quickly on the steep rocky terraces. There are 3 corries on the northern side of the ridge offering superb high quality ice-climbing from Grade I-V (the Grade vi's are on the South side!). The central corrie, Coire na Caime, is the most popular with classic lines such as Poachers Fall, and The Salmon Leap.
These lines appear to form most readily and persevere longer, when everything else is melting fast!

[Click here for information on accomodation.]

Diabaig Area

This is once again a fantastic area for both summer and winter climbing, with super prospects for those doing a bit of New Routeing... Big Mountain Routes, or smaller (more technical?) single pitch routes.

Diabaig the Mountain:

Perfect climbing on perfect rock in perfect surroundings. The breakfast cooked on a jetty was worth it in itself ...
There are four or five [established] routes with varying grades and they are all excellent and in fine condition. There are also plenty more possibilities. We also climbed Sword of Gideon on Ben Bahn (on Applecross Road). What can I say? This is an amazing xlimb on Torridonian Sandstone. It flows outstandingly through a maze of features. We had trouble picking the line from the ground, but once you are on the rock it becomes obvious..
The setting and surroundings here are amazing, and it's definitely worth the drive just for the one climb!

Andrew Thow

Local Accomodation:

Loch Damph Boathouse

Contact address:
T. D. Gray
The Hall,
Great Yeldam,
Ben Brockway

Liathach, where to sleep?

There is always camping!
Yes, but there is also the Youth Hostel with the cooking facilities, the warm showers etc, etc. And there is also the Ling Hut. Information regarding these can be found from the OS Landranger Sheet 25, or the OS 1:25000 Coullin and Torridon Hills maps.

Other (Local) Accomodation

There is also a B & B near Kinlochewe; this is about 1/2 a mile out of Kinlochewe villiage itself, just over a small bridge. Going to Torridon, its on the left hand side - the path up to the East end of Beinn Aighe starts here.

The owner is a member of the local Mountain Rescue Team and kindly posts a daily weather and avalanche report!
He also has a small gear shop, and the cooking caters for everybody (veggies rejoice)...

Thanks to Paul Goulden.

There is also a B&B run by climbers - info from

Also entertaining, Bienn Alligin.... anybody???

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