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East Face

Rannoch Wall is probably the most visited rock-climbing venue in Glencoe. It is the vertical face between Curved Ridge and Crowberry Ridge. To the right of Crowberry Ridge lies the East Face. It's worth a visit if Rannoch Wall is busy or you feel like visiting a different part of the mountain - the rock is reputed to stay mostly dry after rainfall!

The face itself begins at an altitude of 800m and provides routes of up to 100m. The face is split into two teirs by a grotty slanting grass gully (Green Gully - a descent route) at half-height with the best rock and the best climbing to be found on the lower teir.

Access to the crag is gained by approaching the start of Curved Ridge via the normal path from the car park. Break off right to a grassy terrace where the bottom of Easy Gully opens out into a bowl.