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Rannoch Wall

Rannoch Wall is probably the most visited rock-climbing venue in Glencoe. Easily accessible from the road via a good path and with superb climbing on sound rock in a variety of grades there is literally something for everyone. It's easterly aspect means that the steep face gets what little sunshine is available in the morning...

The face itself begins at an altitude of 800m and rises almost to the summit of the mountain. The most famous route on the face, Agag's Groove is 99m in length and defines, more-or-less, the lower right-hand side of the face, being the most obvious feature (actually visible to the naked eye from Rannoch Moor). The face is bounded on the left (East) by Easy Gully and Curved Ridge which is the normal descent route for climbers.


Agag's Groove 99m VDiff

A defining line on the crag, the groove is the obvious line of weakness running from bottom right to the top-centre of the wall. The route is particularly easy on pitches 1 and 2 but the final two pitches are spectacularly exposed for such a technically easy route.

The belay after pitch 2 is a particularly fine place for a picnic however it is a shared belay (with January Jigsaw (S ***) so it can become crowded.

January Jigsaw 80m Severe ***